Delivering Dedicated Student and Driver Leads To Transportation Professionals

What are dedicated leads?
Dedicated Leads are the best way -
the only way - to recruit students and drivers on the Internet.

Up until now Internet recruiting sites have sent your leads to your competitors at the same time - and charged both of you for the privelege.

With Dedicated Leads you reserve your state (or states, or the whole site) and no one else gets the leads generated in your reserved area. You can reserve your entire recruiting area or part of the the area and lock up all of the leads for your recruiters and lock out your competitors.
  What is available?
You are able to reserve states on existing sites or we can create a site specifially for your company.

We are creating more sites over the next few months to handle the demand and states that are reserved on existing sites may be avilable on the new sites.

Our single-company sites generate more leads than your company's site can and our experience in online marketing assures you a steady stream of leads daily. If you recruit 30-48 states then a single-company, dedicated site is definitely for you.
  About Us
The partners of Hoover Marketing have been involved in Internet driver and student recruiting since 2001. We have taken what we have learned about generating leads and developed a model that works better for schools and carriers.

We listened to what drivers/students want and what recruiters need, then we created sites that provide both sides a more efficient, streamlined process of getting together.

Stop paying for someone else's hires. Contact us today to start getting your new dedicated leads.

Contact Us
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